Top 10 Best VR Games for iPhone: Explore Immersive Adventures on Your iOS Device. Virtual Reality (VR) gaming has become a popular and immersive form of entertainment, and iPhone users can now enjoy incredible VR experiences with a wide range of games available on the App Store. This article will showcase the best iPhone VR games, offering thrilling adventures and captivating gameplay that will transport you to virtual worlds from your iOS device.

If You’re Looking for the Best VR Games for iPhone

InCell VR

VR Games for iPhone
VR Games for iPhone

This game puts you inside a human cell, where you can explore the different organelles and structures. It’s an excellent way to study the human body in a playful and engaging manner. It Opens in a new windowApp Store – AppleInCell VR VR game for iPhone.

Zombie Shooter VR

This game is a classic zombie shooter with a VR twist. You’ll need to use your head to aim and shoot at the zombies as they come at you from all sides. It Opens in a new windowVeeR VRZombie Shooter VR VR game for iPhone.

End Space

This game is a space combat simulator where you can pilot your spaceship and battle other ships. It’s a great game for fans of space games or action games. It Opens in a new windowHypergrid BusinessEnd Space VR game for iPhone.

Fractal Combat X

This game is another space combat simulator with a more arcade-like feel. You can choose from various ships and weapons to battle other players online. It Opens in a new windowApp Store – AppleFractal Combat X VR game for iPhone.

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels

This is a multiplayer VR game where one player wears the headset, and the other players use their phones to control the squirrels. The player in the headset needs to defend their tree from the squirrels, while the other players need to help the squirrels reach the nuts at the top of the tree. Opens in a new window6DOF ReviewsAcron: Attack of the Squirrels VR game for iPhone.

Job Simulator

This game lets you experience what it’s like to work in different jobs, such as a barista, a mechanic, or a surgeon. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to learn about different careers. It Opens in a new windowVentureBeat Job Simulator VR game for iPhone.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

This puzzle game is set in a mysterious mansion where you need to solve puzzles to find a hidden object. It’s an excellent game for fans of puzzle games or mystery games. It Opens in a new windowmiddlepostpone. Fun Room VR: A Dark Matter VR game for iPhone.

Beat Saber

This rhythm game has you slashing blocks to the beat of the music. It’s a great way to exercise and have fun simultaneously. It Opens in a new windowWired Beat Saber VR game for iPhone.

Superhot VR

This game is a first-person shooter where time only moves when you move. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to test your reflexes. Opens in a new Superhot VR VR game for iPhone

Rec Room

This social VR game lets you play games, create your content, and hang out with friends. It’s a wonderful way to socialize and enjoy yourself in VR. It opens in a new window, World Notes Rec Room VR game for iPhone.

These are just a few great VR games available for iPhones. Check out some of these games if you want a fresh, engaging gaming experience.

How to Choose the Best VR Games for iPhone

When choosing VR games for iPhone, there are a few things to keep in mind


Ensure that your iPhone can play the game. Not every iPhone is compatible with every VR game.


VR games can range in price from free to $20 or more. Choose a game that fits your budget.


There are many different genres of VR games, including action, adventure, puzzle, and racing. Choose a game that you’re interested in.


Before purchasing a VR game, read reviews. This will enable you to comprehend other players’ opinions of the game.

Many fantastic VR games are available, so you’re sure to find one you like. So do your headset and dive into the virtual reality gaming world!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About VR games for iPhone

What is VR Gaming?

Virtual reality technology is used in VR gaming to give players a fully immersive experience. VR headsets give the player the impression that they are inside the game world.

Can I Play VR Games on My iPhone?

Yes, you can play VR games on your iPhone. Now that technology has advanced and iPhone VR headsets are readily available, you can experience immersive VR experiences on your iOS device.

What Kind of VR Headset do I Need for iPhone?

Several VR headsets are compatible with iPhones, including popular options like the Google Cardboard, Merge VR Goggles, and the Oculus Quest 2 (with a compatible cable). These headsets are designed to hold your iPhone securely and provide an immersive VR experience.

Do I Need Additional Accessories to Play VR Games on My iPhone?

You will need a compatible VR headset to play VR games on your iPhone, such as the ones mentioned above. Additionally, some VR games may require external controllers for enhanced gameplay, so it’s recommended to check the specific requirements of each game before playing.

Can I Use any VR Game With My iPhone?

Not all VR games are compatible with iPhones. However, a growing selection of VR games is available on the App Store specifically designed for iPhones. Make sure to check the compatibility information of each game before downloading it to ensure it works with your device.

Are VR Games for iPhone Free, or Do I Need to Purchase Them?

VR games for iPhones vary in price. While free VR games are available, many high-quality and feature-rich games may require a purchase. The cost depends on the game’s complexity, popularity, and developer pricing decisions. You can find both free and paid VR games on the App Store.

Are VR Games for iPhones Suitable for Children?

VR games for iPhone may have age recommendations or restrictions set by the developers. It’s essential to review the game’s age rating and content descriptions to determine whether it suits children. Additionally, parental guidance is recommended during gameplay to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

How Can I Find and Download VR Games for iPhones?

To find and download VR games for iPhone, you can visit the App Store and search for “VR games” or browse the “Virtual Reality” category. There, you will find various VR games specifically designed for iPhones. Read reviews, check ratings, and explore the game descriptions to choose the ones that interest you.


The iPhone has become an incredible platform for experiencing VR gaming, and these best VR games for iPhone will transport you to captivating virtual worlds. From action-packed adventures to strategic challenges, these games offer immersive experiences that keep you entertained for hours. Whether a casual gamer or a dedicated VR enthusiast, these top-rated games will surely provide unforgettable and immersive adventures from your iOS device. Embrace the power of virtual reality and transform your iPhone into a gateway to thrilling gaming experiences.

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